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    Rockies Fitness 品牌介绍

       Rockies Fitness乐体健身品牌起源于加拿大温哥华,目前由力沃健身管理(上海)有限公司全权拥有。乐体运动成立于2014年,致力“建立服务品质家庭客户的 体育运动教育平台”。对我们的品质客户提供一站式的体验,我们目前的实体门店,运营5个相关品牌的健身服务门店;全部入驻华东区知名购物中心,会员能同时享受到最高品质的运动体验及健身服务,同时在我们的场馆内有专业的潜水池,我们拥有自己的体育旅游、儿童水势能和少儿体适能,儿童体育教育是引进纯正的加拿大课程体系,包含未来发展我们的儿童课程,在我们的平台上还会有国际交流的机会。乐体其实不是一个传统的健身品牌,也不是一个传统的健身连锁的这样一个门店,我们给自己更多的定位,其实我们要开发的是一个“运动空间+ip+内容输出”的一个整套的运动解决方案。

       The Rockies Fitness brand originated in vancouver, Canada and is currently owned by livo Fitness management (Shanghai) co., LTD. Leti sports, founded in 2014, is committed to "building a sports entertainment consumption platform based on fitness". Provide one-stop experience for our quality customers. Our current physical stores operate 5 fitness service stores of related brands. All the famous shopping center in the east, the member can enjoy the highest quality at the same time movement experience and fitness services, at the same time in our venues with professional diving pool, we have our own sports tourism, children can water potential and a children's fitness, children's physical education curriculum system is the introduction of the pure Canada, include our children's future course, in our platform there will be opportunities for international exchanges. In fact, leti is not a traditional fitness brand, nor a traditional fitness chain such a store, we give ourselves more positioning, in fact, we want to develop a "sports space + IP + content output" of a complete set of sports solutions.

    Rockies Fitness 品牌起源

       Rockies取名为北美著名的洛基山脉(Rocky Mountains),洛基山脉贯穿北美,南北纵横4800公里,被称为北美洲的“脊骨”。加拿大人崇尚自由自然的运动精神,洛基山脉是运动爱好者的聚集地。尤其在冬天,在洛基山里举办各种运动竞技活动。2010年加拿大温哥华冬奥会的很多项目都依托于洛基山。

       Rockies was named from North America's famous Rocky Mountains, major mountain system of North America and easternmost belt of the North American cordillera, extending more than 4,800 km from central N.Mex. Canadian advocate freedom of spirit and natural movement, and the Rocky Mountains is a gathering place for sports enthusiasts.